Leadership at Great Hearts

“Leadership with Great Hearts invites continued reflection, especially on one’s personal growth and professional maturity. This is a path full of purpose and fulfillment, rooted in fostering the joy of our students. The opportunity to enable the gift of classical, liberal arts education is both a challenge, and its own wonderful gift.”

John Paul Poppleton, Headmaster
Chandler Preparatory Academy (2016 – present)

A Great Hearts headmaster heroically shapes his or her community for a greater good. He or she takes on one of the most important leadership positions in our culture, turning a generation of young hearts and minds towards truth, goodness, and beauty. He or she cultivates a setting from which great-hearted people emerge, a setting that no single individual can create alone, but to which his or her noble calling is essential. Furthermore, a Great Hearts headmaster joins a family of headmasters across our academies, with all the support, friendship, and strength this fellowship provides.

As our network of academies continues to grow, we are continually looking for new leaders to join us. For general information/questions regarding the application or hiring process please contact us at careers@greatheartsamerica.org.







* Contact Talent Team member Alison Chaney for more information on approved state residency requirements for remote online employees