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Archway Cicero Teacher’s Wearable Art Appears in New York Fashion Week

Archway Cicero January 11, 2024 -

Archway Cicero art teacher Laura Thurbon's works of wearable art that appeared in New York Fashion Week.Born and raised in Peru, Archway Cicero art teacher Laura Thurbon’s artistic journey began at the young age of 16 when she began painting murals in her home city. She studied for eight years at the National Fine Arts School in Lima, where she graduated with a degree in painting and fine arts education.

At 24, Thurbon traveled to the United States and began teaching art at various schools in the Valley. She eventually found her way to Great Hearts Academies, where she continues to work with students from kindergarten to fifth grade.

“I was drawn to the classical liberal arts education that is taught at Great Hearts Academy,” Thurbon said. “The study of art and the importance of the great works all lend to my background. I’ve loved watching students transform in my class as they learn the rich history of a subject I am so passionate about.”

An independent business owner in her own right, Thurbon is a unique artist and uses her abilities beyond the classroom, creating small and large murals for businesses, private homes, custom tile art, commissioned canvases and more.

“I like to explore different materials and techniques when it comes to art. I enjoy creating different mediums,” said Thurbon.

Thurbon’s works encompass a variety of mediums, including dresses and clothing. She calls this her “wearable art.” She said she started painting on clothing as a joke for a friend but then people took notice in the local arts scene.

“Soon I started having people ask if I could put some of my dresses on display,” she said.

Thurbon was surprised earlier this year when she was requested to show her wearable art  during this year’s New York Fashion Week.

“It was like a dream,” she said. “I had models—many of whom had worn my dresses before—walking the runway. After I returned to Scottsdale and showed the pictures of New York Fashion Week to my students, they were so excited for me.”

Archway Cicero art teacher Laura Thurbon's works of wearable art that appeared in New York Fashion Week.Thurbon has won many art awards and her artwork is part of several worldwide collections in the United States, South America, Europe, Israel and India. She even painted three murals for the city of Glendale for the most recent Super Bowl. Thurbon continues to work hard to be an example to her students as well as her two teenage daughters.

“Presenting at New York Fashion Week was an amazing opportunity. I want to show the next generation just how far your passion can take you,” she said.

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