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Dr. Atolagbe Lets Mercy Lead at the Symposium

Great Hearts Institute January 17, 2024 -

Dr. Atolagbe is the Executive Director of Great Hearts Christos, private Christian classical schools with two campuses in Gilbert and Phoenix. Atolagbe will be speaking at the 2024 National Symposium for Classical Education on March 20-22 at the Phoenix Convention Center, hosted by the Great Hearts Institute.

“I will be exploring the topic of mercy,” said Atolagbe. “As the classical education revolution expands, we’re now faced with new challenges and we’re trying to find our way around it.” In the past couple of years, the movement has exploded across the country as more and more families are attracted to the human formation it offers and more and more teachers have sought a home in a school that promises Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

With this influx comes a new wave of challenges such as digital distractions, mental health issues, burgeoning emphasis on standardized testing, inadequate resources, and personnel to name a few. These challenges pervade the hallowed halls of our academic sanctuaries causing unrest for students, teachers, and administrators in the discharge of their daily responsibilities. “In my speech, I will be encouraging us all to let our hearts continue to beat ceaselessly to the harmonies of humaneness so that we can let mercy help us navigate all these challenges that we’re experiencing with our students in school,” she said.

Dr. Toyin Atolagbe

Atolagbe previously served as Headmaster of Great Hearts Archway Lincoln and was part of the founding faculty of Great Hearts Archway Arete and Archway Trivium. She is the co-founder of Agape International School, a private Christian Classical school providing free education to an underserved community in Ilorin, Nigeria. She has been in the educational field for 20 years.

The goal of this session is to remind us all that as torchbearers of the classical tradition, for it is through mercy that we transcend the confines of mere instruction to forge enduring connections with the sacred souls entrusted to us. “May mercy lead us all to a place of victory where the fruits of our service to humanity translates to raising a new generation of leaders who will impact the next generation,” exhorted Atolagbe.

“If you’ve signed up, I look forward to seeing you there,” she said. “If you haven’t signed up, oh my goodness, what are you waiting for? Please make sure you sign up to come hear all the wonderful hearts and minds across the nation speak about classful education.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from Atolagbe along with and other inspiring and informative speakers on March 20-22, 2024 at the Phoenix Convention Center, where they will each be giving their unique talks during the National Symposium for Classical Education. Registration is NOW LIVE!

a panel of presenters on stage at The 2023 National Symposium for Classical Education.

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The Symposium will focus on renewing the Great Conversation concerning great works and perennial ideas. This year we will underscore the importance of teaching and modeling the conversations that lead to insight–among colleagues, between teachers and students, with families, and across our communities. At a time when our society most needs genuine dialogue, classical schools provide a sanctuary of genuine civility. Join us to discover how classical education embodies the good conversations, providing both the means and the model for a more civil society.

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